Grup Losan

Grupo Losan was founded in 1964 in the spanish Galician town of Curtis when three brothers Manuel, Luis and Emilio Lopez Sanchez established a small carpentry company.  

That was the starting point of what would become one of the leading companies in the wood industry.

Over time, the Grupo Losan has grown continuously, so at present the product portfolio includes decorative veneers, special veneers, veneered panels and melamine panels. All these products can be delivered all over the world.

In short, the Losan Group means:

- Several production units in Romania, Spain, The Netherlands, Chile and USA

- More than 1600 employees worldwide

- Products delivered to over 80 countries around the world

- At the moment the portfolio of products includes: decorative veneer, spliced veneers, special veneers, veneered panels, melamine panels, timber, pellets.